Applicable Markets

Cramm HLS’ Helicopter Landing Grid (Heligrid) allows any helicopter or any UAV fitted with a harpoon to land or take-off from a helideck in fully safe conditions, without any assistance, even in rough seas and bad weather. The advantages of Heligrid which are so important for the off shore, maritime and naval industry, are applicable for land based grids as well. It can be installed on almost every existing building or newbuilding.

Being practically maintenance free, Heligrid offers low costs of ownership. Cramm HLS offers with Heligrid a turnkey solution, custom made to meet any requirements of our clients, either safety wise or architectural wise regardless if it’s on sea or on land. Heligrid’s helicopter landing grids are used in the following markets: Oil & Gas, Maritime, Defense, Yachting, Real Estate, Drones

Maximum Safety

The Heligrid in combination with a “harpoon rapid securing system” is a system with the aim securing a helicopter to the flight deck immediately after touchdown by engaging and locking of the helicopter harpoon onto a landing grid in the flight deck. While the harpoon is still latched onto the grid, the pilot can start up. The pilot will then ensure the helicopter has sufficient take-off power to create tension between the helicopter and the landing grid. At the last moment, the pilot disconnects the harpoon from the Heligrid, which is controlled from the cockpit. This allows the pilot to immediately reach a safe distance from the vessel. This makes a major contribution to safety, especially in rough weather conditions.